I am a board certified dermatologist, pediatrician, and mohel and I officated at my first bris in 2003. I have performed thousands of circumcisions throughout my career.

I am certified as a mohel by the Berit Mila Board of Reform Judaism. My religious studies were conducted under the supervision of Rabbi David Castiglione of Temple Beth El, Bloomfield Hills, MI. The curriculum included texts concerning Jewish identity, relevant portions of the Torah, Talmud, and Midrash, a text on bris milah written from an orthodox viewpoint, as well as Reform Responsa on bris mila. In addition, I studied the commentary of Rabbi Raphael Samson Hirsch on Bereshit, chapter 17 under the guidance of Rabbi Alon Tolwin of Aish Hatorah. I also traveled around North America comparing my surgical and anesthetic techniques with other mohalim.

My advanced surgical training was conducted in 2002 at the world renowned Pollock Clinics in Vancouver, B.C.

My combined knowledge of medicine and Jewish law enables me to provide surgical expertise, a safe and effective method of pain control, and a ceremony rich in tradition.

Birthplace- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1987- 1991- B.A. -University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

1991-1995- M.D. -The Mount Sinai School of Medicine- NY, NY.

1995-1998 -Pediatric resident -The Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY, NY.

1999-2005- General pediatrician- Child Health Associates, p.c.

2005-2008 -Dermatology Residency. Northwest Dermatology Group, pc

2008-present - General dermatologist



Segulah Chair of Elijah in the Ari Ashkenazi Synagogue in Tzfat, Israel

My first time at the Western Wall in Jeruselem.

Photos from the 2016 Men's Aish trip to Israel

The Shuk

Ben Gurion Airport

Israel's finest

Windows of the world

Yosef Caro Synagogue in Tzfat, Israel

The center of Kaballah