Craig Singer, M.D. Certified Mohel

Dr. Singer will provide in depth teaching of aftercare which includes a pictorial description, photos of post circumcision healing as well as an aftercare video. Invitation to the private video will be sent by e mail on the day of the bris.

What to expect?

The first thing you may notice is swelling of the penis, particularly in the area right below the head of the penis. Most swelling resolves in 3 days. You may also notice some oozing of blood from the undersurface of the penis. All bleeding should stop within 24 hours. A scab, which looks like a yellow film, will most likely form on the head of the penis. This is not an infection! Leave the scab alone. The circumcision should be well healed in two weeks.

Basic care

Apply a generous amount of Vaseline or Vitamin A&D ointment to the gauze pad. Then put the gauze pad on the head of the penis and close the diaper snugly. Basic care is designed to keep the penis well lubricated, and to prevent it from sticking to the diaper. I will review this with you in person. For one week after the bris, change the gauze pad with every diaper.

Remove the yellow wrap after 24 hours if it has not fallen off on its own.

When can I bathe the baby?

For the week after the bris, sponge bathe the baby. There is no need to wash the penis. After seven days, the baby may be fully bathed so long as the umbilical cord has fallen off and the belly button is well healed.

What if I notice bleeding?

If you see just a few drops of blood, or a tiny ooze, leave it alone. Clotting will typically happen on its own. If there is spurting vessel or a steady ooze, place the penis upon the lower abdomen, and with a gauze over it, apply firm direct pressure to the penis for ten minutes by the clock. Don’t peek! The baby will probably cry when you do this. If the bleeding does not stop, call me immediately.

What if stool gets on the penis?

Squeeze a washcloth, soaked in warm water, over the penis until it is clean. If this does

not work, gently dab away the stool with a wet cotton ball.

Please contact me immediately for any concerns at (248) 224-3577